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  • ADAPTIVE Machine Learning May 20, 2016
    Machine Learning today tends to be “open-loop” – collect tons of data offline, process them in batches and generate insights for eventual action. There is an emerging category of ML business use cases that are called “In-Stream Analytics (ISA)”. Here, the data is processed as soon as it arrives and insights are generated quickly. However, […]
    PG Madhavan

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  • Cloud data rocks out the Roskilde Festival May 23, 2016
    Once a year, one of the smallest towns in Denmark becomes the fourth largest in the country during Europe’s Roskilde Festival. And while Tenacious D, LCD Soundsystem, Wiz Khalifa and other performers take center stage, data is the star behind the scenes. Fast, scaled and optimized, data keeps all 130,000 guests safely fed, hydrated and […]